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Ingrown Hair serum (read instructions)

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Important: Use 3 times a day in the (clean affected area
Can be used with dark spot serum or smooth skin serum
(There is no specific order if you are using this serum with our other products )
The ingrown hair serum is to treat your ingrowns and prevents them from occurring
It is for your face but can also be used
In other areas you shave it cleares ingrowns and razor bumps
It's organic and 10 percent vegan.

Jojoba Oil, Green Tea, and our many other organic Ingredients.
Your skin is our priority, and we guarantee results, period.
Product size 1.7 oz

Apply 3-4 times a day on a clean face (We recommend applying all over your face) especially before and after hair cut or shave
Wait about 5 minutes to allow full absorption into skin before applying makeup or other products. Allow 30-60 days for full effects.

All natural and organic ingredients!